Welcome to OsteoStrong Elite

Welcome to OsteoStrong Elite — the only center in Tennessee to offer OsteoStrong PLUS Vasper.

OsteoStrong Elite was founded by Drs. Omar and Tara Hamada (pictured above with their four children) to bring a new level of health to Tennesseans. OsteoStrong Elite uses the latest technology from OsteoStrong and Vasper to leverage the body’s natural desire for health. You can now grow strong and healthy bone, increase your strength and muscle, without long workout routines and weightlifting.

Additionally, OsteoStrong and Vasper have proven to enhance heart health, reduce A1C blood sugar levels, reverse arthritis, benefit multiple sclerosis by decreasing pain and increasing flexibility. And all of this is done naturally.

Why We Started OsteoStrongElite

A note from Dr. Omar Hamada

What is today known as OsteoStrongElite all started several years ago. My wife, Dr. Tara Hamada, and I were looking at the many issues in today’s Healthcare systems. Everybody in the country knows that it’s just not working. From the aspect of physician patient relationship, the regulatory environment, just how much we’re spending as a country… Healthcare isn’t working. 

Medicine is working.  We have the best medical care and science and knowledge in the world. But the application of it has just fallen flat and it’s getting worse.

So several years ago we started thinking about how do we change this as individual contributors. You can learn more about the full extent of our plans to reinvent healthcare at PrimdeVie.com.

One of the easiest and most powerful ways I have seen lives and health transformed is through OsteoStrong and Vasper. These breakthrough technologies are making age 70 the new 40. As you will see in some of the charts on this site, the process of bone deterioration is actually reversed. It is now possible to have healthy bone and muscle well into your latter years, where people previously accepted decreasing health and an increased number of prescription medicines to try and maintain a quality of life. Now it can be done naturally.

Tara and I wanted to bring the combination of this amazing technology to our home area in Nashville. We hope you and your family and friends take advantage of this breakthrough technology so that we can all enjoy greater health.

OsteoStrong takes only 7-10 minutes once per week.

We recommend Vasper 2-3 times a week for 30 minutes.

As you can see in the videos on the site, OsteoStrong and Vasper are safe and easily used by people of all ages. Most don’t even break a sweat.

While we never know the number of years we are each given, the quality of those years can now be greatly improved. Let’s live our lives with greater health, flexibility, and energy!

He Loved It So Much, He Bought the Company

Tony Robbins has brought value to millions of lives throughout his career. When he learned about the value of OsteoStrong, he invested and is now one of the owners of OsteoStrong.